Här hittar ni information om talarna vid Höstkonferensen 2014

(S) Innebär att det är en talare i sponsorspåret.


    Steve Will is the Chief Architect for the IBM i Operating System.  In over five years in this position he has become an award-winning speaker, author of the Top i Blog according to IT Jungle (“You and i” – ibmsystemsmag.blogs.com/you_and_i/) , and is one of the most sought-after voices at customer briefings and events.  Steve has worked on IBM i and its predecessors since before the creation of the AS/400, and is currently responsible for setting the strategy of the IBM i operating system, as well as deciding which enhancements will be implemented.  In his role, he talks to many clients and partners, explaining the direction of the platform, while listening to the requirements of IBM i users around the world.

  • ianjarman

    Ian Jarman is the IBM Power Systems Business Unit Executive for IBM Lab Services.  In this role, Ian provides strategy and business development expertise for IBM’s systems services and technical training business.  Ian previously led IBM’s worldwide Power Systems category marketing team and was responsible for worldwide product management for IBM’s Power Systems software, including AIX, IBM i, Linux, PowerVM and PowerHA. Ian also worked closely with the team of IBM Research scientists that developed Watson, a cognitive analytics system, that was demonstrated in the IBM Jeopardy! Challenge in 2011.

  • timrowe

    Tim Rowe has worked for IBM in Rochester, Minn. for more than two decades. He is currently the business architect for application development on IBM i with responsibility for ensuring that the platform has the infrastructure and components necessary for customers to develop, build, and run applications on IBM i. He works with Rational and WebSphere on a daily basis and also has IBM i responsibility for the IBM HTTP Server, Web Administration GUI interface, integrated web application server for i, web services server for i, and other application components. Before focusing on web-based middleware, Tim spent several years on work management of IBM i.

  • charles_guarino

    With an IT career spanning over 30 years, Charles Guarino has been a consultant for most of them. Since 1995 he has been founder and President of Central Park Data Systems, Inc., a New York area based IBM midrange consulting company. In addition to being a professional speaker, he is a frequent contributor of technical and strategic articles and webcasts for the IT community. He is a proud member of COMMON’s Speaker Excellence Hall of Fame and also Long Island Software and Technology Network’s Twenty Top Techies of 2009. Charles currently serves as a member of COMMON’s Strategic Education Team (SET) and is also Immediate Past President and monthly Q&A host of LISUG, a Long Island IBM i User’s Group www.lisug.org.
    Charles can be reached at cguarino@centralparkdata.com.
    LinkedIn – http://www.linkedin.com/in/guarinocharles
    Twitter – @charlieguarino

  • mikepavlak

    Mike Pavlak has been working with IBM midrange solutions since 1992 and IBM Mainframes before that. After years of developing applications using RPG, CL and PHP, he managed IT development and IT for power protection manufacturer Tripp Lite. Recently, Mike has joined Zend as a solutions consultant working with the IBM i sales team and spreading the news about Zend solutions in the IBM midrange arena.

  • ake_300

    Åke H Olsson is working as senior consult with PDB Datasystem.  He’s focus is systems architecture, database design, messaging, middleware, internationalization and application and database modernization.

    He writes articles for Data3 and was speaking at the conference in 2013.


  • Mats Lidstrom

    Chief Technical Architect at ICE Services. COMMON/IBM Innovation Award winner for the application he designed for the music royalty business, based on IBM i. He’s been speaking at usergroup meetings in Sweden, UK and USA.  

  • ElmgreGunnar

    Gunnar Elmgren is senior Power Systems and Storage specialist at Pulsen.
    He has 35+ years experience with IBM systems, and has been working with availability solutions for more than 20 years.

  • elaine3-150x150

    Elaine Eksvärd är Sveriges främsta retorikexpert och föreläsare som med jämna mellanrum analyserar makthavarnas kommunikation i morgonsofforna och föreläst tillsammans med Tony Blair och Fredrik Skavlan. Hon har även publicerat böckerna ”Härskarteknik – den fula vägen till makt”, samt böckerna ”Du är din generation”, ”Snacka Snyggt – modern retorik” och ”Vardagsmakt”.

  • PaulPhoto
    Paul Tuohy has specialized in application development and training on IBM midrange systems for more than 20 years. He currently runs ComCon consultancy and is a partner in System i Developer and the RPG & DB2 Summit. He is also a technical editor for iPro Developer, the author of two books on re-engineering legacy RPG applications and iSeries Navigator, and an award-winning speaker at events around the world.

  • Henrik Grönberg

    Henrik Grönberg has been working with IBM for 18 years in several technical positions. He’s specialized in Storage solutions and are well known in Sweden for his knowledge around IT Strategy, DR and HA solutions, Virtualization, Automation and both Hardware and SW around storage. Today Henrik is working as Technical Director at Load Systems.


    Richard is a recognized SME (Submect Matter Expert)and world renowned award-winning speaker specializing in Business Resiliency, Cloud Computing Architecture, Disaster Recovery Planning and Backup & Recovery Program Design. Richard has invested 30 years into IT and practical experience supporting numerous computer room and FEMA region disasters.

  • Spångberg

    Lars Olov Spångberg has worked with the IBM i and It’s predecessors for the last 30 years.He’s specialized in security and is working as security specialist at Svenska Handelsbanken. He regularly writes articles for Data3 and speaks yearly at our conference. As a member of Large User Group, he’s behind many user requirements to the operating system.

  • jimi

    Jimi Inge a Product Manager with a passion to translate market needs into technology. Jimi has been working with IBM and its predecessors since the mid 1990´s and is regularly speaking at business and technical conferences like Data3. With an open mind to explore new ways and alternatives, Jimi has a proven ability to further developing strategies and products. He often drives the innovation from initial stages through to the final solution, always aiming to create value for both end users and business.

    Specialties: Power technologies, Cloud & Outsourcing, Product Development and Trend Analysis.

  • toller

    Björn Toller is working as Chief Software Architect at Tieto. He is also member of the Data3 Steering Committee. Working with PCI/PA-DSS related solutions in different projects. Responsible for our in-house integration platform. Process owner for the development process within our card payments product. Work as development lead in different customer projects.

  • frode

    Froden Langmoen “Technology Executive , ISV & Developer Relations at IBM”. Frode has been involved in the IBM Power community for many years. He is well known all around the world and his been working in many diffrent areas with focus on new technology.

  • jesper

    Jesper is a senior IT specialist on IBM Power (AIX & Linux) He started out as a support specialist for IBM in a SUN solaris environment 12 years ago.
    He currently works as a Technical Advisor and technical sales specialist at IBM.

  • patrikgunnersten

    Patrik Gunnersten is working as Client Technical Specialist on IBM Power.. He writes for our magazine and covers the OpenPOWER Foundation.

  • MHO25

    Martin is CEO and founder of System & Method A/S. He devoted his professional career to the IBM i platform, from System/38 in the eighties up to present day. Based on his technical background and experience from a broad area of business, he always strives to meet user expectations in collaboration with the company business model. Martin truly connects all loose ends and creates full turnkey solution together with his skilled team.

  • Per-Anders Freiholtz bild

    Per-Anders Freiholtz is MD at Apper Systems AB. His focus is to provide specialist expertise and tools to modernize legacy applications. The strategy is called Vintage.

  • donnie

    Donnie MacColl has worked for more than 20 years in the IT industry. He first specialized in the management of IBM i systems, (iSeries, AS400), in general manufacturing and logistics companies. Today Donnie specializes in advising companies on how to keep a tight control on the management of operations, critical processes, and core services across increasingly complex infrastructures and multiplatform environments.

  • Bo_Nilsson

    Bo Nilsson is working in the Rational brand of Software Group at IBM Sweden as a Technical Sales/Product specialist. He is focusing on the enterprise Modernization areaa covering development tools targeting z and Power platform.
    Bo has been working within the IT industry since 1974.

  • Johan_Rodin

    Johan Rodin is Technical Sales specialist within IBM Rational Software Group in Sweden. He is an expert in Model Driven Development with the Rational Portfolio with twelve years of experience in the field.
    Johan holds a M.Sc. Computer Science degree.

  • Cecilia_Gustafsson

    Cecilia Gustafsson is Technical Sales specialist at IBM Rational Software Group in Sweden. Her expertise area is within Change and Configuration management with the Rational Portfolio.
    Cecilia has been working within the IT industry since 1997.

  • dneuman

    Daniel Neuman has a lot  of experience within Business Intelligence having worked in different roles. Currently he works as a Business Developer within Business Analytics at EVRY. After many years at Cognos and IBM, Daniel is responsible for the joint venture that EVRY is doing together with IBM in this area. His primary focus is to help customers expand their Business Intelligence and include forward looking Business Analytics.”

  • Philippe Magne 150

    Philippe Magne is CEO and Founder of ARCAD Software, a global ISV specializing in Application Lifecycle Management on IBM i. Philippe started his career as software developer, and gravitated towards the domain of software quality during military service at the European Space Agency in Kourou, French Guyana in 1989. Here at ESA he initiated the ARCAD project to improve quality and reliability of information systems on AS/400. In 1992, and in agreement with ESA, Philippe Magne then created the ARCAD Software company to assure the development and marketing of his lifecycle management software. The company’s flagship product, the ARCAD Pack for Rational, is now distributed and supported by IBM worldwide. Philippe is an unceasing champion of IBM i modernization and frequent speaker at COMMON events across the world.

  • Wim Jongman
    Together with his business partner Marco Kok, Wim Jongman is a co-managing Partner and a CTO at Remain Software and Industrial TSI.
    Wim dedicated almost his entire career to development of future proof application life cycle management solutions for the IBM i platform. With his team at Remain Software he has been building an extensive application lifecycle management tool, TD/OMS. In addition Wim has been also leading a project of developing the next generation ALM tool called Gravity designed to run on a multitude of platforms and based on solid, but modern technologies.
    With Industrial TSI Wim participates in promoting Open Source technologies. As a top Eclipse committer, Wim mainly focuses on the technology coming from the Eclipse Foundation primarily because of the OSGi, Modelling and Rich Client frameworks. Wim is frequent speaker at Eclipse conferences and provides Eclipse training sessions and consultancy.

  • James Swanson HS0914

    James (HelpSystems) specialises in advising on and providing solutions to mitigate any issues that are found in the areas of IBM i security & compliance as well as IBM i system and workflow administration. During his 20+ years specialising on the platform he has been exposed to some of the largest and most complex IBM i environments and has a wealth of practical experience that he uses to advise and build the best solutions possible for his customers.

  • leif

    Leif Engdell is Product Manager and Technical Sales Specialist at InfoBuild AB. He’s an expert at Business Intelligence and Enterprise Information Integration working in areas of converting data to meaningful information and allowing organizations to grow their business through knowledge and analysis.

  • torbjorn_hedberg

    Torbjörn Hedberg is working as a Power Systems Sales Specialist at Pedab Sweden AB.
    He has over twenty years experience with IBM systems and has been working with Power i licensing for more than ten years.

  • helle

    Helle Mering har jobbat med systems management i 25 år och har därför varit talare vid många konferenser om detta. Fokusområder har alltid varit optimering av IT drift (övervakning, schedulering och larm). Andre fokusområder genom 10-15 år är IBM i prestanda, software change management, testlösningar och datareplikering. Under dom senaste 2 åren har även M3 blivit nytt fokusområde.

  • jonatan

    Jonathan Falk Sundman works with Predictive Analytics at IBM. He focuses on everything from helping organizations get a 360 degree view of their customers to detecting insurance frauds.

  • pascal

    Bio:  Pascal Polverini is part of the IBM i ISV Advisory Council, a pioneer in RPG Open Access and a driving force of the RPG OA Metadata Open Standard, providing modernization solutions for business-critical RPG applications.  He is the Chief Architect of looksoftware’s RPG Open Access solutions, and was a co-author of the IBM Modernization Redbook.