OBS, Sidan skall ses som preliminär och fylls  på löpande.



    11A IBM i Teknik – WORKSHOP
    1/4  Meet the new IBM i Access

    How would your business be transformed if you could run the same Client Access software on about any Operating System, like Macintosh, Linux and Windows? How about a new paradigm for deployment? Would the ability to run it from many different deployment locations like a Thumb Drive, Network Server, Web Deployment, or local Files System be of Interest? In this session we will look at this brand new Java client called ‘IBM i Access Client Solutions’ and its capabilities including overviewing Deployment, 5250 emulation, Data Transfer, Printer Output, Console support. Information on the very latest updates to the product, maybe even some planned for the future, will be discussed.
    2/4 Manage Work Better with Better Work Management
    The IBM i .7.2 release includes some significant enhancements for managing temporary storage on IBM i. In addition, over the past two years, IBM has made enhancements to the work management capabilities of IBM i via PTFs. This presentation will review those changes, which include workload groups, better inactive job management, improved management when the job tables get full, as well as more control when jobs reach their storage or CPU limits. This presentation will also review best practices for managing work – jobs and related output – to keep your system running its best.
    3/4 Monitoring System Performance and Health of IBM i
    Being pro-active is essential in today’s environment to identify and resolve potential problems before they become critical issues. This session will review the different options for monitoring and set up monitoring so your system will monitor itself and allow you to focus on other aspects of your job. In addition, we will take a look at the Performance Data Investigator capabilities built into the IBM i Navigator interface and how to leverage this support for your shop to keep your systems running smoothly.
    4/4 IBM i Mobile Access
    Mobile access to your IBM i is becoming increasing necessary. Managing your IBM i systems as well as providing user access from any mobile device, cell phones and tablets in becoming a requirement for the business. This session will explore how to go about meeting this demand leveraging the iAccess family of products. Bring your own Mobide device and play along on your device while we explore this exciting new offering.
    Tim Rowe,  Business Architect Application Development & Systems Management for IBM i,  IBM i Development Lab, Rochester, MN

    11B  Putting Web Services to Work on IBM i – WORKSHOP

    With the proliferation of web services, it is vital for developers to understand what they are and how to capitalize on their benefits in their own shops. Using a web service extends your applications by providing access to real-time information. For example, how could an in-house application ever have the current value of a particular stock or the current exchange rate between two currencies without them? Charles Guarino explains how to put Web Services to work in this three-part presentation.
    Charles Guarino, Central Park Data Systems

    Get With The Program! It’s Not Your Grandma’s RPG Anymore! *NEW for 2014
    Based on the community’s requirements IBM continues to evolve the language. This recent modernization iteration brings sweeping changes to the design, syntax and overall look and feel. We will examine the actual enhancements to each of the four changed specifications. Finally we will show a side-by-side comparison of programs written in both styles.
    Charles Guarino, Central Park Data Systems


    11C Hands-On PHP – WORKSHOP
    Bring your own laptop and join in the fun as we introduce you to the wonderful world of PHP.
    Taught from an RPG perspective this workshop will give you the confidence you need to get started on your first PHP project.
    Information on the software needed on your laptop will be provided in advance of the session.
    Mike Pavlak,  Zend Technologies


    11D IBM Rational Solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management: Rational CLM Unleashed! – WORKSHOP
    Imagine if your analysts, developers and testers could:
    -Collaborate in real time in the context of the work you are doing, especially in globally diverse environments
    – Align iteration plans between analysts, developers and testers
    – Remove the frustration normally found in recreating a defect by automatically linking defect reports with test execution results
    – Automate traceability and auditability by managing artifacts and their relationships across the lifecycle

    The Collaborative Lifecycle Management solution leverages and builds upon the Jazz Foundation to increase the productivity of software delivery teams by unifying the disciplines in software lifecycle using in-context collaboration on software artifacts, web-like artifact navigation, and status tracking across team and project repositories.

    The objective of this session is to demonstrate through an interactive, hands-on experience, the power of collaborative development and testing enabled by integrations between IBM Rational Requirements Composer, IBM Rational Team Concert, Rational Quality Manager and IBM Rational Software Architect Design Manager.

    This Proof of Technology is specifically designed for analysts, software developers, testers and team leads, with some applicability to software managers and project managers. No prerequisite knowledge is required.

    Module 1 – Aligning plans
    Module 2 – Responding to a change request
    Module 3 – Planning an iteration
    Module 4 – Completing a story
    Module 5 – Testing and fixing a story
    Module 6 – Stabilizing the sprint
    Bo Nilsson och Johan Rodin, IBM Rational Software Group


    12 IBM Watson and the Future of Cognitive Computing
    IBM Watson was built by a team of IBM Research scientists to accomplish a grand challenge – to build a computing system that rivals a human’s ability to respond to questions posed in natural language with accuracy, confidence and speed. In February 2011, IBM Watson competed in a historic match and won against two of the most celebrated players ever to appear on the Jeopardy! quiz show. Hear how IBM is today putting Watson to work with health care and other industry specific cognitive analytics applications of Watson’s breakthrough technologies for natural language processing, hypothesis generation, and evidence based learning. Find how IBM Watson is determining the future of cognitive computing.
    Ian Jarman, IBM Power Systems Business Unit Executive for IBM Lab Services



    21   Data3’s ordförande Torbjörn Appehl hälsar välkommen och utställarna presenterar sig


    22 Senaste nytt om IBM
    Johan Rittner VD IBM Sverige


    23 IBM i Trends and Directions
    Where is IBM i going? What are its next steps? How does IBM’s overall strategy affect the strategy of IBM i? Steve Will, Chief Architect for IBM i, will discuss all of these topics, and talk about the current state of the operating system which offers the total integration option on IBM’s Power Systems. Its heritage of stability, security and low total cost of ownership lays the foundation for its success today and into the future.
    Steve Will, Chief Architect – IBM i Operating System


    24A IBM i 7.2 Overview
    IBM i 7.2 has just been announced. It is the first major release of IBM’s premier integrated operating system in four years. DB2, Navigator, Mobile Management, Web Connectivity, BRMS, POWER8 – there are enhancements in all of these areas, and many more. In this session Tim Rowe presents an overview of the many key features in the release and why you need to consider making this new release your next stop.
    Tim Rowe, IBM Rochester


    24B  Rational Team Concert med fokus på agil planering och samarbete
    Cecilia Gustafsson, IBM Rational Software Group


    24C FlashSystem för System i
    Accelerera dina affärssystem med Flash. Varför är Flash snabbare än SSD?
    Hur kan vi använda Flash på System i?
    Vi går även genom nyheter inom Storwize och DS8870-familjen samt dess fördelar för System i.
    Henrik Grönberg, Load System


    24D RPG on the Move: Mobilize Your i
    Choices and challenges in the world of mobile applications
    Mobile applications are the hot topic of the day and your old RPG green-screen skills and tools are just not going to make the grade.
    In this session Paul discusses some of the factors you have to consider when embarking on the development of your first mobile applications.
    Topics to be covered include:
    • Design considerations for mobile – from F-keys to touch sensitivity
    • Platform options – iPad? iPhone? Android? Blackberry? Tablets?
    • Local processing or server/browser based?
    • Can you do it with RPG? And what are your other language choices
    Paul Tuohy, ComCon and System i Developer


    24E     SLES 12
    Linux Enterprise Server 12 och hur du installerar Linux på din Power Server
    OBS! SUSE kommer att köra denna session två gånger, repris 15:00 – 15:45 27E
    Richard Schartel, SUSE


    24F  Vintage strategi för IBM i
    Adressera affärskritiska system karaktäristika:
    – Mogna och välkända i organisationen
    – Väl anpassade till företagets verksamhet
    – Undermåligt dokumenterade
    – Kunderna underbemannade vad avser åldrande kompetens
    – De närmaste åren kommer lejonparten av ”enmanskonsulterna” pensioneras
    Ägarna av affärskritiska system:
    Är normalt sett stressade som en konsekvens av ovanstående….
    Har liten eller i princip ingen ekonomisk vinning av att byta ut.
    Kom på sessionen för att ta del av Apper Systems erfarenheter hur man bygger en unik och stark kedja av samarbetspartners för att lösa era problem och möjligheter.
    Per-Anders Freiholtz, Apper Systems


    24G   Don’t take your i off your IBM Power Systems
    In today’s world your IBM Power Systems need to run optimally and securely, yet many organisations struggle to effectively do this. James Swanson will provide a short overview of HelpSystems solutions for systems and network management, security and compliance along with our Business Intelligence offerings because as Big Data moves from hype to reality you need to ensure you are ready.
    James Swanson, HelpSystems


    25A Navigator as you have never seen it
    IBM i Navigator has continued to under go significant transformations. In addition to a long list of usability and performance enhancements, a wide array of new function has been added. Attend this session to learn about all the latest features in Navigator. This session will include live demos to help you really see the benefit of Navigator in your environment.
    Tim Rowe, IBM Rochester


    25B  Att modernisera IBM-i. Varför? Vad? Hur?
    – Hur lönsamt det är att modernisera
    – Att bemöta motargumenten
    – En väg att gå
    Åke H Olsson, PDB


    25C HA/DR – Vad krävs för en tillgänglig infrastruktur?
    HA/DR blir ofta liktydigt med spegling och replikering. Självklart är de viktiga byggstenar men HA/DR är så mycket mer. Vi undersöker vad som krävs för en högtillgänglig infrastruktur. Vad är erfarenheten från de kunder som råkat ut för en katastrof? Och de som undvikit den – vad har de gjort rätt? Har du tänkt genom alla scenarior för din kritiska IT miljö?
    Henrik Grönberg, Load System


    25D From STRPDM to RDi
    So you keep hearing about this great tool RDi (Rational Developer i) but are somewhat intimidated by the prospect of learning it?
    This session is a primer on RDi basics, including new terminology, connecting to the IBM i, filters, and getting productive with its features, with a large focus on source code editing.
    The rich graphical environment far exceeds what PDM and SEU can do, and you will be glad you spent the time learning how to harness its power.
    The more you use this tool, the more you will want to use it.
    This session includes a live demonstration of the tool.
    Charles Guarino, Central Park Data Systems


    25E OpenPOWER
    Hur öppen innovation kommer att forma framtiden
    Patrik Gunnersten, IBM


     25F Demo – How to use advanced analytics to solve business problems!
    Daniel Neuman, EVRY


     25G    360 – the most powerful integration product on the market. OPRS – Operation Planning and Recovery System


    26A Disaster Recovery Primer – Ready, Set, Plan
    Do you have a disaster recovery plan? Are you really prepared? The difference in surviving in business depends on how well you prepare for the unexpected. If a disaster struck, how would your company do? This session is designed for the IT personnel responsible for systems availability. Using the Business Continuity Model, the session breaks down the various components of the disaster recovery planning as it relates to the availability and recovery of computing services. Attendees will be provided with the tools for writing a successful computer disaster recovery plan.
    Richard Dolewski, iTinuum


    26B Demo av WebQuery/Webfocus
    Leif Engdell Product Manager and Technical Sales Specialist, Info Build


    26C The Business Value of PHP on IBM i (Beginner/Executive )
    This executive level presentation discusses how and why IBM i shops should be looking at PHP. The presentation highlights case studies describing many customers’ experiences with PHP. The session includes detailed cost exploration and analysis of the benefits from introducing open source programming technology with existing RPG and COBOL programs.
    Mike Pavlak, Zend Technologies


    26D From STRDBG to the RDi Debugger
    Making the decision to abandon the green screen development environment takes a lot of patience. Once you make the leap though you’ll be very glad you did. This session examines our old comfort-zone friend STRDBG and shows the similarities, differences and productivity improvements in this new world of application debugging.
    Learning Objectives:
    1. Grow confidence in using the Rational Developer for i debugger
    2. How to run, debug and control programs using the debugging environment and perspective.
    Programmers who have little or no knowledge using the new RDi debugger.
    Charles Guarino, Central Park Data Systems


    26E   CAPI – Acceleratorer vad det kommer att innebära och vad som kan göras idag
    Patrik Gunnersten, IBM


    26F   The traditional webshop is dead!  See the first standard CMS and Webshop dedicated for IBM i™
    The future is about sharing information and processes with customers, suppliers, partners and employees, increasing revenue and business.
    It really takes more than just selling simple products to consumers with a straight forward pricing. Sharing information and business processes making it available 24/7 from any personal computer, tablet or smartphone – from anywhere in the world is a key factor for success today

    We bring the webshop to a new level enabling you to sell advanced configurable products with individual pricing by sharing any information and business process from your IBM i™. This will make every process more cost effective and strengthen business relationship, building new strong alliances with your customers, suppliers and partners.
    This webshop is developed for IBM i™ and made responsive so it fits mobile unit looking just like an App. We deliver this webshop together with a complete CMS solution. Easy to install and integrate with any ERP on IBM i™.
    All in one single solution for the IBM i™.
    Martin Hecht Olsen, System & Method A/S


    26G  Halcyon’s solutions automate:
    1. Monitoring of IBM i, Windows, Linux and/or AIX
    2. Application monitoring (M3, XA, S21, SAP, Misys, Midas, JDE, iTera, Mimix …)
    3. Advanced job scheduling for IBM i and attached servers
    Helle Mering, SOSY


     27A  DR Confessions – The Movie
    Hear actual lessons learned from computer room and regional disasters to near misses so you too do not make the same recovery assumptions others have made Witness the good, the obvious and the ugly. This session is a compilation of assumptions, technical gaps, blunders, Oops, and good practices recommendations. Ensure this movie does not portray your IT shop as the names have been changed to protect the guilty. We forgive all to those who confess and enjoy plenty of movie trivia. The ” Top 10 pitfalls of lessons learned
    Richard Dolewski, iTinuum


    27B   The Art of Systems Management: AIX, Linux and VIOS Monitoring made easy
    Donnie will reveal his best practice tips and techniques to monitor and keep control of critical processes and applications running on your AIX and Linux environments and other Power Systems platforms such as IBMi
    For IBM Power Systems users, he will also cover why you should monitor VIOS (Virtual I/O Server) and how to achieve it – (even if you don’t have AIX skills).
    Learn fast track techniques to:
    – Become expert in the management of AIX®automate ‘troubleshooting’ and diagnose problems faster
    – Monitor the VIOS (Virtual I/O Server) on IBM Power Systems
    – Enhance the power of your existing scripts (and in-house AIX skills) by embedding them into a ‘point and click’ solution with instant alerting methods to ‘flag’ issues to avoid business disruption
    – Create historical performance reports ‘on the fly’ for capacity planning and management reporting purposes
    Donnie MacColl, Halcyon Software Ltd


    27C  Intel86 versus Power
    Jimi Inge, Tieto


    27D  Q & A – öppen session där man får ställa frågor (som skickas in i förväg)
    Unikt tillfälle att ställa frågor till Paul som rör programmering, performance, SQL och liknande.
    Passa på att fråga sådant som du alltid undrat över och lär av andras frågor!
    Paul Tuohy, ComCon and System i Developer


    27E   SLES 12
    Linux Enterprise Server 12 och hur du installerar Linux på din Power Server
    Repris av 24E
    Richard Schartel, SUSE 


    27G OpenDSPF: Hello RPG, Goodbye DDS

    Session Abstract:  OpenDSPF enables developers to graphically design new application modules, screens and functionality with newlook – the looksoftware drag and drop IDE.  OpenDSPF auto-generates the DDS and framework RPG, meaning that the developer is only required to write the business logic.  By eliminating the restrictions of DDS and incorporating a multi-tier architecture, the developer has full control of the graphical interface as well as the business logic from the RPG codebase.


    This session will incorporate a live demo of OpenDSPF.

    This session will incorporate a live demo of OpenDSPF.
    Pascal Polverini, looksoftware

    28 Härskarteknik – Den fula vägen till makt
    Lär dig hantera besvärliga personer snyggt! Har du lämnat ett sammanhang med ett missnöje som du inte kan sätta fingret på? Har du lämnat ett gruppsamtal där du inte känt dig sedd? Då har du med största sannolikhet blivit härskad över, och det är sällan trevligt. Varför? Därför du görs mindre än du är och det är svårt att säga exakt varför. Idag får ni verktyg för att hantera besvärliga personer snyggt, samt förmågan att sätta fingret på subtila härskartekniker. Dessa härskartekniker är sedda ur ett retoriskt perspektiv där precis alla kan vara utövare och offer av härskarteknikerna.
    Elaine Eksvärd, http://elaineeksvard.se/press/





    31 IBM i at 25: Celebrating the past, present and future of IBM i
    In June 1988, IBM launched the AS/400, helping businesses, worldwide, transform the delivery of IT. Businesses invested in a system that—through integration— promised it would be easy-to-use and offer low cost of operations. A system that promised investment protection for applications whatever new technologies might emerge. They placed their trust in a system that promised levels of security and resiliency among the very best in the industry. Through the collaborative efforts of our clients, Business Partners and ISVs, the AS/400 — now IBM i — helped create a wave of innovation in IT that continues today. Join the IBM i Chief Architect, Steve Will, and the Business Unit Executive for Power Systems Lab Services, Ian Jarman, for their their unique perspectives and insights on the past, present and future of IBM i.
    Ian Jarman, IBM Power Systems Business Unit Executive for IBM Lab Services
    Steve Will, Chief Architect – IBM i Operating System


    32A How to use your High Availability Solution to minimize maintenance downtime
    Many IBM i shops have advanced High Availability and/or Disaster Recovery solutions.
    The solutions may be based on different technologies, such as Logical Replicaton, PowerHA/Geo Mirroring, or External Storage availability options.
    Disaster Recovery, as well as minimizing (or eliminating) backup windows, are common implementations.
    This session describes how the different HA/DR solutions can be used to minimize, or sometimes even eliminate, downtime for maintenance. How about replacing a server without any downtime? What if an IBM i Release upgrade could be done with only 1 hour of application outage? Want to cut down the time for application maintenance by many hours?
    Wouldn’t it be nice, if you could migrate your database to new storage without application disruption?
    It’s all about planning, and using functionality of solutions already in place. We look into the different availability options, and how they can be used to boost your uptime!
    Gunnar Elmgren is senior Power Systems and Storage specialist at Pulsen


    32B POWER8 annonsering
    Jesper Bergh, IBM


    32C Intranet My i – Bring your Intranet to IBM i for FREE (Beginner)
    Zend Server for IBM i, MySQL and Drupal offer an open source solution that can leverage existing hardware and software investment in IBM i without requiring a capital expenditure. Are you tired of the “web team” at your company getting all the glory? Attend this session to learn how quick and easy it is to install an open source PHP application on your IBM i. You can join the millions of companies leveraging Drupal for open source content management and host your company intranet on IBM i.
    Mike Pavlak, Zend Technologies


    32D  RPG Tricks and Techniques
    This session covers tricks and techniques for the RPG IV programmer.
    Come to this session and learn some of the things that you may not have known about
    • The H Spec
    • Compiler Directives
    • The D Spec
    • Sorting Arrays
    • Using dynamic memory allocation
    • Using integers
    • Using indicators
    • Triggers
    • Constraints
    • Record Locking techniques
    • Other bits and pieces
    Paul Tuohy, ComCon and System i Developer


    33A Get your Head into the Cloud
    Transitioning from a traditional data center to secure private cloud architecture is no easy task. Why Cloud Explore the practices for implementing new technologies that support virtualization, agility, resiliency, and how to manage the costs associated with cloud computing. Set expectations for hardware obsolesce, and how to manage the fear of change. Cloud – enabling your IT thought process must be front of mind.
    Richard Dolewski, iTinuum


    33B IBM BlueMix
    BlueMix är en molnbaserad utvecklingsmiljö baserad på öppna standarder och är tillgänglig för alla. Har du en ide om en ny applikation som du funderat på länge så är det här du skall börja.
    Välj mellan olika databastyper och programspråk, dra nytta av tillgängliga analysverktyg och använd redan befintliga webtjänster för ett snabbt resultat.
    Frode Langmoen, IBM


    33C   PCI-DSS, Från datorhall till databas, och allt däremellan
    En kortfattad genomgång av
    •   Vad är PCI-DSS?
    •   Hur PCI-DSS reglerar allt som rör hårdvara, mjukvara och personal.
    •   Vad är PA-DSS?
    •   Hur enkelt kan man skydda en databas ur PCI-DSS synvinkel
    •   Vilka produkter finns på marknaden
    PCI-DSS i verkligheten (vad finns bakom och hur fungerar det)
    Jimi Inge, Tieto /Björn Toller, Tieto /L-O Spångberg, Handelsbanken


    33D Embedded SQL in RPG Programs
    Many RPG programmers have used interactive SQL as a tool to quickly browse data or to create test data scenarios, but have stopped short of embedding it into their RPG programs. Come to this session to learn why, when and how you may want to use SQL in conjunction with RPG. We will cover the basics of embedding SQL into RPG, including using SQL cursors and a few tips on getting good performance from your SQL applications.
    Prerequisite: This session assumes you are familiar with the basics of the SQL language, such as the SQL SELECT and UPDATE statements
    Paul Tuohy, ComCon and System i Developer


    33E Analytics – Vad är det? Vad innebär det för infrastrukturen?
    Alla pratar om det, några hävdar att de gör det och några vet inte vad det är. Hur det påverkar vardagen och hur vi kan få det att fungera.
    Jesper Bergh, IBM


    33F   Application Lifecycle Management, improve your code quality
    Three easy things that significantly improve your code quality Sometimes, all it takes is insight into a problem to let you see that quality improvement does not have to be difficult.
    In this session Wim Jongman will show how a small change in the way you code your programs can lead to a dramatic improvement of quality and therefore to less bugs.
    Wim Jongman, Remain Software


    33G  Announcing new release MIMIX v8.0
    Paul Wade,
    Vision Solutions


    34A   Integrated Web Application Server for IBM i – Leveraging Liberty
    The IBM i operating system had been shipping a Web Server integrated into the OS for many years. The Web Server has been updated!! It is now based on the new WebSphere Liberty Server. This means you can now run your WebSphere or Tomcat applications on your IBM i without having to set up a complicated environment. Simplify your Web Applications using the recently updated integrated server.
    Tim Rowe, IBM Rochester


    34B   Hämtning av IBM programvaror, lisensnycklar mm
    Torbjörn Hedberg, Pedab Sweden AB


    34C  Vad kan jag göra för att skydda informationen på min IBM i
    I presentationen beskriver jag om en metod att använda för att skydda sin information.
    Allt från krav på dokumentation, skydd av applikation och data, loggning, övervakning och kontroller.
    Ger också förslag på i vilken ordning som saker bör genomföras.
    Lars Olov Spångberg, IT-Security Svenska Handelsbanken


    34D  The Business, Science and Uses of ILE Service Programs
    Service programs have been around for some time. In fact, quite some time. Perhaps you’ve even
    bumped into one in your professional travels. You will certainly find them on the road to application
    modernization. This session focuses on what they are, how to implement them and making them a
    regularly used asset during your application development. Topics include service programs, program
    signatures and using binder language source.
    Charles Guarino, Central Park Data Systems


    34E  Avancerad analys med IBMs verktyg
    Du vet mer om dina kunder, anställda och produkter än du tror – hur man hittar samband i information och drar nytta av den i verksamheten med hjälp
    av analytiska verktyg från IBM
    Vad har hänt? Varför hände det? Vad kommer att hända? Vad är den bästa åtgärden att ta?
    Jonathan Falk Sundman, IBM


    34F Quick-EDD/DR+
    Realtime data replication from any relational database to any relational database.
    Jacob Flik, General Manager, QSL Northern Europe B.V.


    34G Modernize IBM i development with ARCAD Pack for Rational: the new standard in Application Lifecycle Management
    With RTC and RDi, IBM Rational brings a new level of collaborative development tools to the IBM i platform. But how can we integrate these modern tools with traditional development on the IBM i,
    enabling developers to become more agile in the future? The combination of Rational & ARCAD tools – the ARCAD Pack for Rational – helps modernize the developer’s environment while conquering
    the specific challenges of IBM i Application Analysis, Modernization, Build and Deploy.
    Our session will demonstrate how ARCAD Pack for Rational helps you:
    – Understand and document unfamiliar code, with deep application analysis and documentation features,
    – Convert from DDS to DDL, handling changes in physical files or SQL tables,
    – Bring new developers quickly up-to-speed, by converting legacy RPG code into more readable Free Format RPG,
    – Progressively modernize applications, allowing easy identification of code to be modularized or defined as Web services,
    – Fully automate your recompilations and deploy synchronously to IBM i and distributed systems in a single process.
    Philippe Magne, CEO and Founder of ARCAD Software


     36 Mats Lidström ICE, Vinnare av COMMON/IBM Powersystems Innovation Award


    37    Prisutdelningar – utställarnas tävlingar
            Data3 forum – Brainstorming